The story of a photographer

Hello, I'm Pâmela, Brazilian living a new life in América.

I love to collect the best moments of people's lives, I love to travel, read romance books by the beach (when possible) and make new friends.

I'm crazy about my parents and my siblings and I have an amazing husband, every moment with them is special. This is one of the reasons why I do my work, so that people can remember the best moments with their loved ones, through photography.

What else do I love?

Pasta is my favorite food, coffee is on the list of my top three drinks, I love the feeling of the morning and the sunset at the same time.

Through my lens I will capture your story, for eternity, in a genuine, warm, and full of emotion.

I can't wait to work together <3



β€œI describe the rehearsal with Pamela with the word AMAZING, seriously. I had the best experience possible, it exceeded my expectations. I'm moving and my house wasn't very well decorated and she just made it a great backdrop. Thank you Pamela, you immortalized my sixth (6) month of pregnancy, in the most beautiful way.”

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